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Now or Never!

Do you want to reach your students using innovative teaching? Do you want your students to look forward to your class? Do you want to have FUN teaching? I'm here to help. I am dedicated to helping you tweak, flip and change your methods to achieve YOUR goals. I'm an inquiry based learned expert who has worked in classrooms from K-12 and with teachers at all levels.

What do I do? Well, what do you NEED? Do you need someone to bounce ideas off of that is an objective educator who will help you navigate through all the reasons you CANNOT change? I'm your person.

Do you need help more than just once on a professional development day at the beginning of the year? I'm your person. We can work together throughout the school year on your hardest lessons or units to change them.

Do you need someone who will let you try something new without judging? I'm your person.

Do you need someone to come be in your room with you and give you feedback or even to work with you with your students? I'm your person.

Teachers are so often left alone to do their work that we forget that we need each other. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or in the middle of it and feeling frustrated by student's lack of engagement or performance, I'm your person!

You are in charge of your own professional development. You can change NOW or NEVER. It's up to you.

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