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Practice Gratitude

I returned to do a long-term sub at a school where I previously taught. I had so much fun with the middle school girls but also got to reconnect with current seniors that I taught when they were in middle school. Not only have they grown up and changed physically, but I could easily see the women they are becoming. Just chatting with them in the hallways and hearing what they are doing and planning was so awesome. Not all teachers get to see where their students go after they leave them. We wish them well and pray they took something good from our classes but honestly, we never know if we are making a difference. One senior brought me a gift on my last week of subbing. She and her family had written a nice card and included a gift card saying that they were glad I came back. That alone was really a great surprise. What she also wrote in a letter to me was the best gift I have ever gotten from a student. She told of how things I said to her about being a leader back in 8th grade made her realize that a leader comes in many forms and looks many ways. The letter went on and showed how truly reflective this young woman had become on her own gifts and how she could best use them. Obviously, I was sobbing by the time I finished reading.

I managed to find her the next day and tell her that it was the best gift I received in 27 years of teaching. What a beautiful gift she gave me of being grateful for me but little did she know that I was equally grateful to have been able to work with her and get to

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